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News - Joe Elliott Scottish Daily Record Interview

Friday, 14th October 2011 | 


Joe Elliott has been interviewed by The Daily Record newspaper ahead of the December show at Glasgow SECC.

Joe recalled his love of Scottish group SAHB during the 70s, playing with AC/DC in Glasgow in 1979 and shared his thoughts on UK tour partners Motley Crue and their past "Rock And Roll" lifestyle plus the health of their guitarist Mick Mars (now 60 years old).

The Daily Record - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

"Once you've done that you've got to keep going back. I remember the Glasgow Apollo balcony because I went on to the balcony to watch AC/DC's set and it was bouncing."

"After about 30 seconds I went back out and watched through a peephole in the door because I thought the balcony was going to fall down.''

"I'm not suggesting they are teetotal but Mick Mars has been pretty ill for a long time and just to get him onstage is probably an effort."

"He is hardly likely to be propping the bar up until three in the morning after a gig. What their reputation is now is what they do onstage and how they present their show, and that is what Crue are good at."

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