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News - Sydney Morning Herald Previews Def Leppard Concert

Thursday, 13th October 2011 | 


Joe Elliott has spoken to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper as part of their concert preview article.

The article previews the upcoming Sydney concert and contains quotes by Joe from a recent phone interview from the USA. A possible preview of a full interview. Joe talks about the 80s hair band tag, being a father, the Def Leppard cartoon and playing live.

Sydney Morning Herald - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

"Why do we have to be tied down to some bands from the '80s that literally needed hairspray because their songs weren't great?'' he says. ''I think it's a shit term and I don't think it applies to us. If we're a hair band, then Led Zeppelin is a hair band.'"

''We just played Seattle tonight [and] to have 10,000 people here singing every word of your songs it doesn't suck.''

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