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News - Phil Collen 2004 Braveworlds Interview

Saturday, 12th November 2011 | 


An interview with Phil Collen from late 2004 by Braveworlds to promote the 'Best Of Def Leppard' has been reposted online.

The interviewer Carl Begai has reposted the interview on his own site. You may (or may not) remember that this was the first time Phil mentioned his then new band MANRAZE after discussing the possible direction of the next studio album which would not be released until 2008.

Braveworlds - Phil Collen Interview Quote

"There's a point where you can't sing some of those lyrics, you just can't stand behind them. Like 'Wasted'; I haven't had a drink in 18 years so it would be kind of weird singing about getting hammered."

"We've got this new band called Man-Raze. I'm singing and playing guitar, and it's kind of like The Police, real edgy stuff. When we've been recording it's been one take stuff and I've been having a blast."

Read the full interview at -

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