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News - Joe Elliott ESPN Sports Interview

Monday, 20th June 2011 | 


Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Roger Lotring of ESPN Sports and the lengthy interview has been posted online.

Joe talks about his relationship with sport including football, playing Download and also promotes the Mirrorball album. 'Undefeated' is being used during ESPN coverage and is available to listen to on their music page.

ESPN Sports - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

"I think a band that remains together is undefeated, even though they've taken a few losses along the way. It's a case of, they've lost the battle, but they've not lost the war. If we're talking about a band in general terms, I'd say a band like ourselves, it's 20 years [with] this lineup and still going strong and redefined ourselves. We keep coming out, and we keep fighting to remain in that position that we've achieved. I think that's about as close as you can get to being undefeated."

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