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News - Phil Collen Examiner Q And A Interview

Thursday, 28th July 2011 | 


Phil Collen has been interviewed by Examiner to promote the current Mirrorball tour.

Phil talks about the Mirrorball album, iTunes/record companies, the Deluxe Editions, Mutt Lange, Jim Steinman, Slang, his favourite Lep songs, lifestyle and marriage. He also shared a funny story about being confused as Phil Collins.

Examiner - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

"The best one was, I went to see Phil Collins at a show in Holland when we were first recording Hysteria."

"So we went to the stadium, and the [security] guy said, "What's your name on the guest list?" and I said, "Phil Collen." "Yes, this is Phil Collins." So I said, "No, I'm on the guest list" - and they're Dutch, as well, so there's a slight language thing, although they speak great English in Holland, there was still enough for it to be a bit of confusion - and I don't remember how many times I went over this: "I'm on the guest list, but I'm not Phil Collins, I'm Phil Collen and I'm with another band."

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