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News - Phil Collen Guitar World Man Raze Interview

Tuesday, 26th July 2011 | 

Man Raze - punkfunkrootsrock.

Phil Collen has been interviewed by Guitar World to promote the new Man Raze punkfunkrootsrock album.

Phil talks about musical influences, playing the guitar, the origins of Man Raze, the new album, Def Leppard, and the Man Raze touring plans.

Guitar World - Phil Collen Interview Quote

"We didn't worry if a song sounded like someone else this time. Before we worried about the sound and changed a song if it sounded like Def Leppard or another band. On this album, we went with what the song demanded and the album goes all over the place. That's why we called it Punkfunkrootsrock."

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