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News - Listen To Phil Collen/Dumb Blondes Song The Hooker

Friday, 15th July 2011 | 


Another 1978 song by Phil Collen's old band Dumb Blondes has been posted online titled The Hooker.

Bassist Pete Webb has posted the clip on YouTube which features more pictures of Phil in full make up and even looking like Ian Hunter (0:47). And you really have to pause at 1:36 (you'll know why when you see it.)

The song was recorded in London at De Lane Lea studios. The band described themselves as "Glam/Punk/Rock/with a slight Reggae style". The original line up was Phil Collen (Phylis) - Guitars, Pete Webb (Pet Roleum) - Bass, Jeff Hepting (Jean Harlow) - Vocals, Fred Ball (Pinky) - Drums. Watch the video below.

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