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News - Joe Elliott The Republic Interview

Tuesday, 12th July 2011 | 


Joe Elliott has been interviewed by The Republic newspaper to promote the Mirrorball album and tour.

Joe talks about Mirrorball, Undefeated, Kings Of The World, record companies and the situation with iTunes.

The Republic - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Elliott says the "Mirror Ball" set is selling well, especially on iTunes. "It's flying at the moment," he says, adding that the band plans to continue to keep the rest of its catalog off the site for now.

"Our record company have been plain silly buggers when it comes to putting stuff up there. We're not going to let you put it up for the amount of money you're trying to palm us off with. You're insulting us. We have the right to say no and we say no until they come to the table with a decent offer. We'll rerecord if we have to."

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