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News - Vivian Campbell Vegas All Night Interview

Monday, 29th August 2011 | 


Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by Vegas All Night ahead of the 4th September show in Las Vegas.

Vivian talks about the current Mirrorball tour, the setlist, how he started with the band, the fans and his memories of Vegas.

Vegas All Night - Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

Do you ever get tired of playing the classics over and over again?

"To be honest, yeah, it would be great to go out and do obscure stuff. Instead of playing "Pour Some Sugar On Me" every show it would be more fun for us to go out and play an album cut from the "High 'n' Dry" album or something. Having said that every time that we go on stage we're playing in front of a different audience so the audience becomes like the sixth member of the group and it's exciting for the audience because even though we've played "Photograph" a million times before that might be their first time hearing it."

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