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News - Joe Elliott Spinner Interview

Tuesday, 23rd August 2011 | 


Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Spinner about the current tour and the Mirrorball album.

Joe talks about performing with Def Leppard, playing 'Undefeated' live and the origin of the song, song writing, the fans, picking the setlist and putting together the Mirrorball album. He also responds to an email he got on his Planet Rock account.

Spinner - Joe Elliott Interview Quote

"I had an e-mail in my Planet Rock account, because I DJ for this radio station in England once a week, and the guy accused me of being a fraud because these first four gigs back after the break we played exactly the same set. And I wasn't going to say to the guy, "Well you know, my father just passed away, let's just keep it simple for the first week and then we can get into experiments." He's writing this as if every single person comes to every gig. The only people that know are the ones that go online and look at the set list."

"So he's a f---ing idiot. And I don't mind saying that out loud and please print this."

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