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News - Paul Cook/Man Raze Stereoboard Interview

Monday, 15th August 2011 | 

Man Raze - punkfunkrootsrock.

Man Raze drummer Paul Cook has spoken to Stereoboard about the new album 'punkfunkrootsrock'.

Paul talked about the album's recording and the bands plans for touring. Which include 'rumoured' UK dates in December (apparently).

Stereoboard - Paul Cook Interview Quotes

"I mean Phil's busy right now with Def Leppard until the end of Autumn time I believe but we're going to go to America in a month or so and maybe do a little bit of promo there when Phil's free for a little while," explains Paul. "From Autumn until the end of the year we'll hopefully be able to get out there and play more live shows. We want to play everywhere. I guess mainly America and the UK because that's where our audience is right now. It all depends on the reaction and whether people want to see us or not. It was harder the first time around because no one had really heard of us, so hopefully this time a few more people will want to come and see us and allow us to play live more."

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