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Sunday, 4th September 2011

Las Vegas, NV - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Amy From Michigan

The Mighty Lep were in fine form and rocked MGM's Grand Garden Arena. Sound wasn't great, especially during Heart's set, and Phil Collen frantically motioned to his tech to switch guitars and mics mid-song more than once. That was a shame as the Shirtless Wonder is always the highlight of any DL show, but at least we could see him in all his glory even if we couldn't always hear his flashy new Jackson PCs. Same setlist as on previous tours, but I never get tired of hearing the songs (and hope they never get tired of playing them)! The energy at a Def Lep concert is always unbelievable, and the boys bring us to our feet like no other band can.

Only new addition was "Undefeated," which was brilliant live, accompanied by a video background of sports teams as well as the undefatigable Leps. As many others have said this tour, they could easily do away with "Rock On." The only point I see in it is to give Sav a solo. His moment in the spotlight is well deserved and always excellent, but I think it would be even better on one of their own songs.

The Mirror Ball was hanging from the ceiling, and while Joe pointed it out, they never really used it. Were Joe's sparkly tennis shoes and Sav's sparkly guitar strap a nod to the Mirror Ball, or something they got on clearance from the Sparkle Lounge, LOL? Great to see -- and hear -- Joe in better form than I've seen in several years, and animated as he threw his guitar toward the drum riser.

Rick Allen kept the beat going even after Sav and Phil gave up at the end of the Rock of Ages encore - go, Thundergod!

My favourite moment was seeing Steve Clark pictured on screen (perfect shape-throwing footage from In the Round In Your Face) while his band mates played Switch 625 - great tribute whether it was intentional or not. And of course as Joe closed the show with "Don't forget us, and we won't forget you," I said it right back to him. There WILL be a next time.


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