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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
  Def Leppard Album News 2011 Archive

Def Leppard Album News.

A collection of news stories linked to the main news section for upcoming Def Leppard studio album/single releases.

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31-Dec-11 - Vivian Campbell facebook - Christmas Song/Slang Reissue Extras? "We had some extra songs we recorded. One in particular had no lyrics and as it was nearly Christmas we goofed-off and made it a spoof song. I believe 'proper' lyrics have since been written."

26-Dec-11 - News - Def Leppard Give Slang Album Reissue Update

Vivian Gives Slang Reissue Update (from 3rd Dec) - More

26-Dec-11 - Rick Allen Tweet - New Def Leppard Album in 2012? - "?HopeSo."

16-Dec-11 - News - Def Leppard End The Mirrorball Tour In London

Joe Elliott Hints New Studio Songs - More

13-Dec-11 - Vivian Campbell facebook - New music in 2012? "I hope there'll be at least one new track released in 2012."

12-Dec-11 - Vivian Campbell facebook - New music in 2012? "I don't expect there to be a new Lepp record in 2012, although perhaps a new track or two. Then again, perhaps not!"

12-Dec-11 - Vivian Campbell facebook - Def Leppard Studio Album in 2012? "New tracks, perhaps. Album, no."

05-Dec-11 - Vivian Campbell facebook - Def Leppard Studio Album in 2012? "If anything, it'll be a few tracks; no album."

05-Dec-11 - Vivian Campbell facebook - Slang Reissue Extra Songs? "Some unheard stuff, too, as far as I know."

03-Dec-11 - Vivian Campbell facebook - Def Lep Xmas Song? "Although we did once record a song called "Heavy Metal Christmas" during the Slang sessions - tongues very firmly in cheeks! It was actually a proper (and rather good!) song but was lacking lyrics - hence the goof-off title. It'll likely see the light of day when we re-release Slang soon."

02-Dec-11 - News - Def Leppard Headed Into The Studio In 2012

Joe Elliott says - "we're going into the studio early next year" - More

22-Nov-11 - News - Phil Collen Birmingham Express And Star Interview

Phil Collen Mentions Slang Reissue/Different Song Versions/Extra Songs - More

15-Sep-11 - News - Vivian Campbell Tulsa World Interview

Vivian Campbell says - "upcoming release expected in 2012" - More

03-Sep-11 - News - Vivian Campbell College Times Interview

Vivian Campbell says band want to - "get back to some more collaborative efforts - on all our future recordings" - More

26-Aug-11 - News - Phil Collen Denver Post Interview

Phil Collen says of new music - "We might do some EPs and downloads." - More

17-Aug-11 - News - Phil Collen/Vivian Campbell Premier Guitar Interview

Phil/Vivian say "No" and "Yes" to new album in 2012. Phil Collen - "We may do a few songs." - More

14-Jul-11 - News - Phil Collen Adelaide Now Interview

Phil Collen says of New Album - "Probably not next year" but "there's always writing going on" - More

24-Jun-11 - News - Rick Allen The Times Leader Interview

Rick Allen says band working on new songs - "new studio album on the horizon." - More

23-Jun-11 - News - Vivian Campbell Hampton Roads Interview

Vivian Campbell says band hope to - "put out another album next year"/May not be full length - More

10-Jun-11 - News - Phil Collen Access Atlanta Interview

Phil Collen says next release may be - "EP or just a few songs" - More

07-Jun-11 - News - Vivian Campbell Artist Direct Interview

Vivian Campbell says new album in 2012 - "not sure if it will be a full-length" - More

05-Jun-11 - News - Joe Elliott ThisIsNottingham Interview

Joe Elliott says the 3 New Mirrorball tracks will be on next album/3-4 New Songs "on the go" - More

24-Mar-11 - News - Vivian Campbell Gibson Guitars Interview

Vivian Campbell says band has - "intention to release a full album of new songs in 2012" - More

02-Mar-11 - News - Billboard Joe Elliott Live Album Article

Joe Elliott says band hope to record 7/8 new songs ready for 2012 release - More

16-Feb-11 - News - Vivian Campbell Braveworlds Interview

Vivian Campbell says he'd like 'High 'n' Dry' sound back - More

16-Jan-11 - News - Joe Elliott RushOnRock Interview

Joe Elliott mentions 2012 Studio Album plans - More

08-Jan-11 - News - Vivian Campbell RushOnRock Interview

Vivian Campbell mentions "career encompassing" Box Set plans - More

07-Jan-11 - News - Joe Elliott 2010 Reuters Video Interview

Joe Elliott mentions Box Set negoiations - More