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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Roel

Def Leppard's second appearance at the Arrow Rock Festival. The first time was two years ago. This year's festival has a great line-up (in order of appearance): REO Speedwagon, Gotthard, Journey, Kansas, Def Leppard, Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Motorhead and headliner Kiss divided over 2 stages.

Def Leppard started after TFATR was played on the PA. Opening with Rocket was a great way to start the show. They went straight into C'mon! C'mon! which is a great live song. The guys were all over the stage and worked hard to get the audience at their side but somehow the audience all seemed a little apathic. That was not just with the Leps, but all the bands didn't get much of a reaction (accept maybe for Kiss). The only songs that did get any reaction of the crowd was PSSOM, Animal, LGR and surprisingly C'mon! C'mon! even basically nobody knows the song. They didn't play Nine Lives. Since they only had an hour to play I would have loved to see Sav's bass solo replaced for another song like Nine lives. That's better for promoting an album, imho. It's definitely ashame how little airplay the Lepas get. The only songs that get any airtime are Animal and Let's get Rocked. Well, Twisted Sister get's none.

Well, I had a great time anyway at the gig. There are definitely some dutch Leppard fans and it was great to see al lot of people wearing Def Leppard shirts and caps! BTW: Kiss played quite a rocking show, but I was amazed to see how many people started to leave just halfway the Kiss concert.

Fan Review - By Jo-Ann

Wow what a day it was last Sunday... it was my first Def Leppard gig and it was awesome! They opened with Rocket in the beginning there was a lot of echo on Joe's mic which I didn't really like but fortunately it only lasted a couple of lines. After Rocket they played C'mon C'mon now that song really blew me away. I never really liked it but when they played it live it just works, the crowd really liked it and some people behind me even started to sing along! Def Lep also played (I'm not sure in which order): Make love like a man, Animal, Photograph, Hysteria, Armageddon it, Rock of ages, Rock on (incl. Sav's solo), Pour some suger on me and ended with Let's get rocked. I was so thrilled to see how passionate the boys were. They were running up and down, laughing and just having a great time. I really loved seeing how much Phil and Viv were into playing guitar solo's it blew me away and gave me goosebumps. My personal highlight was Hysteria, they really did the song justice quite emotional actually... The abolute downside of the gig was that it only lasted for one hour.

Oh yeah, I totally agree with Roel that Kiss played an awesome show! He mentions that a lot of people were leaving during the Kiss gig, I think that has a lot to do with the public transport... (lack of actually... lots of 'late' trains were leaving really early so you had to leave the Festival early to be able to get home...).