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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By TEE

This was my second gig of the current tour after Manchester, and one I must admit held a little trepidation, I was not sure the Liverpool public would turn out bearing in mind how long it is since the Leps played this city.

First impressions of the new arena are that it is very good, easy to get to, with plenty of parking and the trains close by. Entering the arena I was a little disappointed to see 3/4 of the top tier covered, this gig was not going to be sold out by any stretch of the imagination. First up Thunder, I haven't seen this band for a long time, but they got things off brilliantly, for what was an energetic if very short set. This band would be worth seeing if they only did one song, Love Walked In, a truly classic composition. And in Danny Bowes they must have the most underated vocalist of all time, boy this guy has a voice; he was also full of energy, jumping around the stage like some demented Thunderbird puppet, a great start to the show.

Soon up Whitesnake, and I must say I was a tad disappointed by DC tonight, didn't have the energy of Manchester, but saying that he thrives on the audience feedback and this was a bit quiet and reserved, at least for the beginning of the set. Still some great songs to be heard though. But please Dave, ditch the guitar duel! Stick a Don't Break My Heart or Lovehunter in the gig instead. One interesting cameo during the show was Joe Elliott backstage playing "Air Drums" during Whitesnakes set. Great stuff.

Last but not least the Leps, not the full dynamics of earlier shows, the side video screens were missing, but at least they had the Thrust stage to work. Set list was same as Manchester, and like DC Joe had to work really hard to get the crowd going early, I think of the new songs Nine Lives would be the one for me to be dropped, it just doesn't seem to work live and gets a very muted response. Not helped by stewards telling people in the seats to sit down WTF!!

C'Mon C'mon and Bad Actress work much better. Also I don't like WLAHC, I know it was a massive hit in the UK, but for me the Leps have better songs in their catalogue, Promises, Love Bites etc.

By the time they were getting to the business end though Joe and the band had managed to get the majority singing and clapping along, the songs just invite you to your feet to join in. What some bands would give to have Sugar in their arsenal, and the new revved up intro makes it even better. Last song in the set Rock of Ages, and we witnessed a blistering SILENT guitar solo from Phil, when all the sound went off during the song, with Phil totally oblivious ripping in to it. Normal service was resumed for the Encores, Bad Actress and Lets Get Rocked. You have to ask yourself how big would this band still be if they had the radio airplay of say Bon Jovi or Bryan Adams?

Overall a good show but not a brilliant show, Joe seemed really pleased with the response at the end, I think like me he too held a little trepidation about this gig, but I think Liverpool did enough to deserve another chance the next time. And in the words of Joe Elliot "There will be a next time"

But please Joe, while we wait for the next time how about a live DVD of this tour to keep us going.