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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Dave

Last nights concert was great as always. This was my fifth Leppard concert and first show at The Pearl at the Palms. Let's start with the venue, what an amazing venue! Not a bad seat in the house. We were center up and center over so I was directly in line with Ricks set.

REO played for just over an hour. I figured they might go an extra song or two since Styx was not on for this show. This was my first REO show and while I am not a huge fan, I was impressed with their sound and energy. It was painfully obvious that 98% of the crowd was there for Sheffield's Finest.

Same set list as has been for the preceding shows. Joe seemed to have good energy considering his recent illness. Speaking of Joe, I'd like to tell Michael Deeds from the Idaho Statesman to kiss the a** of all of Lep Nation. I completely disagree with his slanderous and negative review of Joe from the show on 04/22/08. Joe is an icon and deserves respect for the contributions he has made to music. Anyway, back to the show, I almost would say that the band was a little too loud, probably the product of such a small venue. Nonetheless, I would never complain. My wife say Rick looked a little sluggish so maybe he was under the weather. Joe did make mention that Viv was the only one who hadn't been hit by the recent bug.

I particularly loved Viv and Phil during Switch 625. They both were so in touch with the music and their passion showed through their play. I would like to see some more of a tribute to Steve on the video board during the song but still, so so great! One of my favorite parts of the show was Sav's solo/intro into Rock On. I really think this is one of the better Lep songs live and they really look like they enjoy playing it. For the worst part, no pictures to contribute! The ushers were being really difficult about cameras. Probably a product of being in such a small venue. So while I was not able to capture the memories on film, being so close was a small compromise!

Fan Review - By Lisa

It was awesome to see Def Leppard in such an intimate venue as the Pearl.

We had GA tickets and got right up against the end of the thrust. The thrust was not as far out into the crowd for this small venue, which in turn was used quiet a lot. The guys sounded fantastic! Same set as the rest.

Wish they would mix it up a bit. We were able to meet Phil and Viv at the busses after the concert. The other guys must have sneaked onto the busses while we were busy taking pix with Phil and Viv, because we didn't see them and the busses took off for San Diego right away. Another excellent night!