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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Emily

What a show!!

The night started out with Styx. As usual, they were great. They have so much energy and really know how to work the crowd. For me, the highlights were Too Much Time On My Hands, Fooling Yourself, and Renegade. During Renegade, the guys of Def Leppard came out and joined in the fun. This was an exciting moment for everyone, as we were all awaiting the moment when Def Leppard would begin their show.

Next came REO Speedwagon. They were also great, but their set seemed a bit rushed. I really enjoyed hearing Ridin' The Storm Out and Time For Me To Fly. I thought that they were also great at working the crowd like Styx, and were happy to be playing in Detroit.

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for....Def Leppard!! As usual, when For Those About To Rock came on the PA, most fans stood up and cheered. The curtains on the screen appeared, and about a minute later, the moment finally came. The great intro video started, and Def Leppard went right into Rocket. This was so exciting, and the crowd was loving every minute of it. Next came Animal, which is one of my favorites to hear live. The band sounded amazing and were definitely enjoying their time on stage. C'mon C'mon and Nine Lives seemed to be well received by the audience. Even if they weren't, I know that I loved hearing them! As the show went on, it just got better and better every second. Viv's solo at the end of Love Bites was great. Two Steps Behind was awesome, and Viv saw the birthday sign that I made him, which was very exciting for me! Bringin' On The Heartbreak was also great. Switch 625 was amazing, and I'm glad that they've continued to play it on this tour, as it is a great showcase for the guitars and also a fitting tribute to the man who wrote it. Hysteria is such a great song, and it always seems so full of emotion when played live.

Next up was Armageddon It, and then Photograph. Pour Some Sugar On Me was next, and of course, this got quite a big reaction from the crowd. Rock Of Ages was the last song before the encore. It sounded great and the crowd loved it. The band left the stage for a minute, and then they were back with Let's Get Rocked. Joe was wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey, which was very cool. He congratulated Detroit on the Stanley Cup win, and the crowd all cheered. I really like this song, and I think its a nice change of the encore. Unfortunately, we did not get to hear Bad Actress, but this was most likely because of time constraints.

After Let's Get Rocked, Joe spoke to the crowd, and he was very talkative that night. He was actually talking throughout the show, and seemed to be really enjoying himself. The rest of the guys all came out to the end of the thrust to see the crowd and to say their thank you's and goodbyes. Some of the guys even signed a few things for some people, which was really cool to see. I think that they all really enjoyed this show, and I hope that they will come back again next year!