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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By DJ Sean Patrick

Same set list as the previous shows... with the opening cords and verse to Sweet Home Alabama before Two Steps Behind.

Sold Out show. REO and Styx were very good, but most were there for Def Leppard, though Styx got a really great response from the crowd. Opening video was awesome. Band sounded good and tight. I couldn't believe how good Nine Lives sounded live, proving Tim McGraw was not needed. Overall, another great Def Leppard show. Number 23 for me since 1987.

Also, I work for a radio station in Atlantic City and I had a chance, or should I say honor, to interview Joe. Twenty minutes of just Joe and me. What a thrill!!! Look for a full length Nine Lives video to arrive soon. The band signed off on it a few days ago. Pic Card to come with the release of the CD with all kinds of bonus stuff you can access through the card. Back in the US sometime in July, plans still being worked out.

Ellen on the 28th. Dancing with the Stars on the 29th. Jimmy Kimmel on the 30th. Nine Lives is flip flopping with the Black Crowes new tune for the #1 spot on Media Bases Classic Rock chart. GO BUY THE CD, IT'S REALLY GOOD!!! Rock On!!!

Fan Review - By Chele Drappel

What a great night in Atlantic City! This was the fourth time Lepp has played there and they did not disappoint.

REO and Styx were ok but let's face it I was there for the Lepps. This show was really a hot ticket as it had been sold out for a long time and tickets up front were going for up to $700. I was lucky enough to have seats right next to the thrust on Phil's side. The guys had a blast with a very animated crowd. Everyone was dancing and singing to all the tunes and when they played Foolin' you could feel the ground shaking. My favorite song of the night was Mirror Mirror which sounded amazing. (Nice job Joe). One of the highlights from the show was when they played Nine Lives. It went over really well with the crowd. Joe mentioned that the song hit number one on the rock charts that day to the roar of the crowd. Acoustic to electric Heartbreak was incredible as well. Other than that not much change in the set list. Rock of Ages was the only encore. Can't wait for the Sparkle Lounge CD and more shows at the end of the summer. High fives from the guys made a great night greater. Job well done boys. See you next time. (And there will be a next time). Sorry, I couldn't help it :).

Fan Review - By Kim D

What an awesome night!! REO and Styx were very good. I saw Styx last summer with Def Leppard and they played more hits this time. The Event Center at the Borgata is a nice venue. You can't get much better than the 5th row and right in front of Phil for my first indoor Lep concert! Yes, indeed, I was there to see Def Leppard and what a show. Although the sound seemed distorted for all three bands at times, the Leps rocked as usual.

Same setlist as last summer but LOVED the opening video montage! The guys looked and sounded great. Gotta love Rick's sunflower and incense on his drum kit! Nine Lives sounded awesome live and everyone seemed to know the words already. Joe brought out a cowboy hat as a tribute to Tim McGraw. My favorite part was probably the acoustic Two Steps Behind and the beginning of Bringin' on the Heartbreak which changed to full-on rock and back to electric guitars! Hope to see Def Leppard soon back at the PNC Bank arts center or Atlantic City!!