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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Lisa

Def Leppard ROCKED Sacramento!!! This was our first of 5 Lepp concerts this tour. I hate that we had to wait so long to see them. As we have no interest in Foreigner or Styx we missed their sets, but were told they were very good.

We had 10th row on Phils side, way too far away. The thrust was an awesome addition to their stage. It made for a lot more really good seats. It extended to 10th row, and the guys used it quite a bit. Phil and Viv interacted with the fans a lot, laughing and talking with them. Joe did his rock star moves to a few girls, but other than that sang to everyone. The sound was very good. They defiantly have this set down. I am disappointed that they are not mixing up the songs. I liked the intro to Sugar Joe does ("Hit me like a bomb, bbomb, bbomb")! They put on a spectacular show. But, once again, way too short.