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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Kevin Wetzel

Def Leppard took the stage at the HersheyPark Stadium to a packed house and when I say packed there were definitely more people in attendance for this show than last years co - headlining event with Journey.

Styx started the show with a short 30 minute set of their popular songs to get the crowd going! After a brief intermission, Foreigner hit the stage and had to make some wonder why they weren't touring on their own bill as a headliner. Granted the fact that former lead vocalist, Lou Gramm, is gone but Kelly Hansen was impressive in his own right and tore up the stage performing Foreigners hits and really juicing up the crowd! Founding member and guitarist, Mick Jones, hasn't lost a step and nailed his solos to perfection!

After getting the stage ready for Joe and the Boys the PA system cranked out "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC and Def Leppard took the stage to the delight of everyone as the stadium went off the hook! From the opening number, "Rocket," they tore through their biggest hits off Hysteria, mixed in "Excitable," "Mirror Mirror" which was definitely a crowd pleaser, acoustic versions of "Two Steps Behind" and "Bringin' On the Heartbreak," sprinkled in some smoking guitar solos, and capped off an absolute rocking night with the crowd favorite "Rock Of Ages." After the show Joe Elliott said "There Will Be a Next Time" and judging from the crowds reaction I'd say that's a fact!

Fan Review - By Fonda

This was a long awaited concert for me...and well worth it! We were in the 5th row, almost center stage. I have loved Def Leppard as long as I can remember! I think they sound as good now as they did 20 years ago, regardless of what any media review expert thinks.

This show rocked! The acoustic version of "Bringin on the Heartbreak" literally brought tears to my eyes. Hard to believe these guys are nearing 50. I heard all the words clearly and loved every minute of this concert. I could have stood there all night and listened to them. My only regret was not buying those front row tickets I had a chance at but hopefully, according to Joe's words, there will be a next time!!! One thing is for sure. I will be there and this the front row!