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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Ryan

I went to the Charlotte, NC stop of this tour with my girlfriend and let me tell you, It was BY FAR the best Def Leppard concert I have ever attended!! It was my girlfriends first Def Leppard concert and my 3rd! We had GREAT seats 2nd row on Phil's side. Stoll Vaughan was good but nothing compared to what was about to hit the stage. Journey came on and they did ok. I am a big Journey fan and I would have probably enjoyed them more with their real singer back. But other than that, no real complaints about them.

Then at around 9:35, DEF LEPPARD came on stage and opened with Let's Get Rocked!!!! Thats all the oversold crowd needed to erupt. Everyone went nuts as Def Leppard ripped threw Make Love Like A Man and Promises. Every once in a while Phil would walk to the far side of the stage, so I ran up and stuck my hand up in the air. He looked down and saw me so he gave me a high-five! It just made the night even more amazing! I noticed Vivian fall while bending down during a solo, but other than that, him and Phil were knocking out their solos. I loved the solo in the middle of Rocket when Viv and Phil would alternate and exchange riffs.

Joe's voice has never sounded better! He seemed really excitedand surprised at the great responses they were getting from the crowd. Sav's bass solo before Rock On was also Awesome. It kind of sounded like the bass line in Pearl Of Euphoria. And Rick was also on his game. Everytime I looked over at him, he had a huge smile on his face. The video screen had some really cool graphics and pictures on them except from all the movement on the stage, I didnt' get to see much of the screen. Those guys were all over the place, I could barely keep my eyes on the same thing for over 3 seconds. It was a GREAT night for me and I will remember it forever. If I would do it everynight if I could!.

Fan Review - By Robert

It was my girlfriend and myself's 1st show of this tour and it was WORTH the short trip from nearby South Carolina.

I was not too keen on the opening number, Let's Get Rocked and felt a stronger song was needed to get this crowd going and the show seemed to get going once BOTHB was played.

My only "beef" of the show was the bass sound from both Journey's Vallory and Sav, way to loud.

But we both lefted the venue VERY satisfied & both felt this show was the best YET of since 92!

Not to mention the fact we spent at least 45mins backstage with Rick Allen.

But that's ANOTHER story to tell.