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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Fluffyost

Well, the guys never cease to amaze me. They put on a great show once again. Having seen DL 9 times on the X tour, this was the first show on this tour I was able to see. Got to the gig around 4:15pm. It was general admission for both the field and the stadium seats. It's a small baseball stadium with the backdrop being an amusement park. Set on the ocean. We were told the gates would open at 5pm but due to the large security and police presence in light of the events in London things were delayed and the gates did not open until 6:30pm. This led to the show being delayed about a half hour. Being 8 months pregnant I couldn't be squished up against the stage like I usually do so I had to take a seat in the stadium which was fine as long as I was there.

Randy Coleman played a 25 minute set and sounded pretty good. Bryan Adams played all his hits and seemed to have the crowd going. Then "Coma" from GnR was playing over the pa which was followed by We Will Rock You. You knew the lights were going out any minute. Then there they were. The Lepps sounded and looked terrific! Twenty five years and they all had an extra jump in their step. They opened with a rocking version of Action. There were no real surprises in the set list but such favorites as Foolin', Rock of Ages, and Heartbreak had everyone in the place singing and dancing. EVERYONE OLD AND YOUNG. It was awesome. I must say it is still priceless watching the drunk guys in the crowd sing Love Bites at the top of their lungs. I personally loved Joe singing Rock On, WOW! That blew me away. Well done!

In the middle of the set someone threw a union jack onstage. Joe picked it up and said, "In light of this weeks events in London it's nice to have you guys on our side." Which brought a deafening cheer from the crowd. (Living in New York and experiencing 9/11 our hearts and prayers go out to all of you affected by the cowardly acts in London)...... The encores of Heartbreak and PSSOM brought the house down. As Joe finished up the night with his, "Don't forget us and we won't forget you." Left us all wanting more! Can't wait for the covers cd in Sept. Hurry back soon. Unforgettable show.

Fan Review - By Rob

Well, well, what can I say. I been to alot of Def Leppard shows, and been to several Bryan Adams shows in my time. But the show the other night in Brooklyn, NY at the Cyclons Stadium, was one of my most memorable times!

The late afternoon started off where we questioned if the show would happen. This because of a huge cloud that came over the area bring with it large bolts of lightning, hail size rain and large bangs of thunder. We sat in the parking lot till the storm pulled out and once it did a bright sun emerged on the area, which is attached to the infamous Colony Island! A mess in the parking lot happened when the stadium started to let people in, the line broke and the people in the back ran in the mid to front line as the guards stood there and did nothing. We were in the middle and once it broke we were now the end of the line, until the guards came to restore order and reorganize the line.

Bryan Adams opened at this show. And it has been nearly 10 years since I last seen BA in concert. I knew from the past shows that Adams and company know how to rock on stage and their catalog of songs is amazing and translates very well in person. But being that I hadn't seen them in such a long time I was worried that what if they weren't as great as I remember. Well, it only took 2 songs (if that) to confirm to me that Bryan Adams and his band are still an amazing act to see! The crowd was very much into them as well, and the stadium at that time I would say was about 75% full. So they had alot of fans out there to play to. They held the audience attention and never let it go. Even the part when a fan got to come on stage and sing with Bryan on the 'When I'm Gone' tune was fun. I remember a tour in the early 90's when he brought someone on stage to do a 'talent', and this guys played guitar and plays 'Summer of 69'. So Bryan gave him the guitar and said play! He did, Bryan sang and the band kicked in...alot of fun. The new Adams material from 'Room Service' fits in very well to his classics and sounded just as good live as it does on album. Overall, I hope to see Bryan and crew back again. Maybe for another 'Evening With Bryan Adams' tour. I am looking forward to his acoustic album coming out in the fall.

Now the break between acts happened and the stadium fills up even more. I would say that the show was 95-100% full for this night. Def Leppard is one of my favorite bands if not my favorite over all. Seen them many occassions and loved each album. I am probably one of the few fans of the "X" release! Now I know this is a tour to support the new greatest hits package "Rock Of Ages", so i expect to hear all the usual tunes. If this was a show to promote a new album I would be bothered by the amount of old songs and the few new ones played as seen on the "X" tour. Def Leppard comes out to a thunderous crowd, opening with The Sweet's "Action" song, then leading into a string of hits. It truely was an amazing night for an outdoor show just a few hundred yards from the ocean. The crowd were nuts of Def Leppard the energy this band still has on stage made me wonder about the shows they opened on this tour and were followed by Adams. Like I mentioned I been to many shows, but I think this one will be one of my most memorable ones. Highlights for me, new tunes like "No Matter What" & "Rock On". The guitar dueling solo during "Rocket" and I can never get bored with "Hysteria". The encore of "Bringin On The Heartbreak" & "Pour Some Sugar On Me" I thought was a terrific pick as an evening closer. You always hope that maybe they will do an extra special song for the show you are at, but once Joe Elliott says, "...Don't forget us and we won't forget you..." you know the show is over.

I look forward to the next outing of both bands. Hopefully both of them will consider doing "An Evening With" like they did in the early 90's. Both artists in my opinion still have alot to offer. And hits still to be hear, if only todays media and radio would remember the artists that helped to launch them. Rock On!.

Fan Review - By Lisa

My son and I won sound check passes for this show and flew from Los Angeles to see the guys. Unfortunately sound check was cancelled, but we got to meet Rick and get pictures with him. He is a very cool guy. We got in early so we got front row center for the concert. We had to stand through Bryan Adams but it was totally worth it. By the time DL hit the stage the place was packed. They hit the stage with “Action”. It sounded great! They went through their greatest hits and “No Matter What”. They even played “Rock On” which sounded awesome. Joe’s voice was right on. The crowd was pumped and by the time they played “Sugar” even the people in the seats were on their feet.

Fan Review - By Jackie

Have just arrived back in the UK hence the delayed review. I used the Brooklyn venue as an excuse for a trip to NYC for my husband's 40th, my birthday & our 15th wedding anniversary all in July. It was the Def Leppard concert I was really going to see, as I have seen Bryan Adams before in the UK & on his Room Service tour, but never the Defs!! My hubby is not a DL or BA fan & was not keen to see either, particularly DL ("there is no way on this earth...." I think were his words-hates me playing any DL music when he is in the house too!) I got my way though!!

Well anyway, did the usual sightseeing in NYC, Tropical Storm Sydney hit on the Friday, but by concert day the weather was glorious, until 3.30pm as we stepped out of our taxi outside Keyspan Park. A thunder storm erupted & did it rain! Got talking to some locals & the police while sheltering in a Pizza bar, keen to know if we were from London because of the bombings-we're not. Then went & joined the queue at 4.30pm & my heart sank as we were nowhere near the front. I had tickets for the Field which hubby wasn't pleased about, he wanted to sit, but I wanted to get as close as I could-obviously.

Maybe luck was on my side as we ended up closer to the stage than I had dreamed of. By the time BA came on I had the 4 tallest men in the stadium in front of me & an extremely tall lady waving a 'So Far So Good' album in the air throughout his performance (I wondered what she would do during DL's spot). BA was as good as I expected, but only played This Side of Paradise from Room Service & a couple of older ones which I have to admit to not knowing (sorry Bryan!) He also commented about the storm earlier, wondering whether the concert was going to happen.

After he finished, the crowd started to shift, people were moving from the front as they had only come to see BA. Then the crowd kept surging forward which was scary. It eventually evened out and the 4 tallest men were no longer in front of me & as for the extremely tall lady, well "I never saw her again" (BA's 'East Side Story') I HAD A CLEAR VIEW. By now hubby & I were literally fit to drop from all the sightseeing, standing, heat & hunger & I didn't think I would last to see DL. Then suddenly the music started up and there was Joe (& the lads)on stage in full 'Action'. I think I was in shock for a few minutes as reality hit that I was actually there & all of my ahces & sick feeling just disappeared! Hubby was in charge of the camera (risky I know, but I figured his hand would be a lot steadier than mine! Draw your own conclusions from my photos).

Joe looked and sounded terrific (probably a biased opinion to a non DL fan i.e my hubby who 'delights' in the fact that Joe appears to be the only one in the group to have gained some 'extra pounds' these last few years). We observed a few drunk guys near by, one of them fighting back the urge to 'throw up' on the guy in front. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was unreal & song after song the crowd loved them. I was hoping Phil would perform the intro to Heartbreak as he did on the Hysteria Tour DVD, but hey, the whole concert was unforgettable. It all made me wish I had seen them live on previous tours, but you can't turn back time.

Many thanks to Beth & Meghan from the concert who drove us back to our hotel in midtown NYC-much appreciated. So all in all a worthwhile trip. Hubby did admit to liking Action, No Matter What & Rock On performances and he didn't complain at all on the night. He is even looking forward to the covers album due to be released. Maybe we will make a Def Leppard fan of him yet, but then again-naahhh, I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!. (Jackie's 6 pics are on page 1 in the second gallery).