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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Bonko

Just a fantastic show!! Similar set list but they added a third encore "Wasted". They seemed to really appreciate the NY audience. What a band!!!.

Fan Review - By cwwn

Majority of the crowd (except for one small section in the balcony, made up of well dressed older people, that sat and were made fun of by Joe for it) were on their feet the whole show, except for "Long Long Way To Go" when some people sat. Energy was fantastic, and Joe mentioned the crowd singing louder than the previous night.

Surprisingly strong reaction to "Promises". As usual, the Pyromania and Hysteria classics got the loudest ovations, along with "Bringin' On The Heartbreak". "Four Letter Word", which has gotten a lot of play on New York area rock stations, was the best received of the three X songs. "Long Long Way To Go" was dedicated to the troops overseas, and fans handed Joe American and British flags, which he hung over his monitors for the rest of the show.

After "Let's Get Rocked" Joe said the band was feeling spontaneous, and asked if we wanted to hear "Wasted". The band launched into the song, the first time it has been played on the North American leg of the X tour (and the first time in probably well over a decade that it has been played here in the States, for that matter). Every album was represented, except Slang. All in all, while I think Def Leppard could have played Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, I am glad they went with the Beacon Theatre, as the intimate confines made the energy seem that much more intense. If you are a Lep fan, no matter what era, don't miss this show.

Fan Review - By Msnyder

I was totally blown away. We sat in the fourth row right in front of Phil. The crowd was totally pumped. A small suprise was that they took out "You're So Beautiful" and added "Make Love Like A Man". Someone threw an American flag on stage before "Long Long Way To Go" and Joe tied it to the mic stand along with a British flag. Then he dedicated it to the troops. The big suprise of the night was after "Let's Get Rocked". The crowd was going crazy and wanted more. Joe and Phil looked at each other like "WOW, this crowd is amazing, lets's do another." That's when we got "Wasted". Amazing night.

Fan Review - By Metalmynx

The two best shows I've ever seen, and I can't even remember how many Leppard shows I've been to since 1981! Of course, the fact that I was front row center for Friday and second row center for Saturday may have something to do with it! The Beacon Theater is a great venue to see a show in. Small, so any seat is pretty good, and the best part is that there is no barrier between the audience and the stage.

Anyhow, they opened Friday with some songs from High n' Dry - yay! then went on into some Pyro stuff. High and Dry stuff, Pyro, Hysteria, a few songs from X and one from Euphoria and Adrenalize, oh yeah, and they did play Slang for this show.

Joe has been dedicating LLWTG to the British and American troops and Friday night he did so as well. Someone tossed an American flag on stage, and my friend C., who I'd come with, had brought a British flag hoping to get Joe to sign it. "Put the flag up on the stage!!" I yelled to her, she grabbed it and we both kind of - like you would do to a bed sheet - kind of flapped it up onto the stage. Joe saw the Union Jack and came running over to take it from us - he draped the US flag and the British flag from his mike stand, then draped them both over the two front monitors where they remained for the rest of the show. Too cool to see our countries' two flags together! However, that started an avalanche of stuff flying up onto the stage, by the end of the night there were two bras, one pair of Union Jack underwear, and a plastic alligator(??).

During the acoustic song 'Two Steps Behind', Joe was throwing out picks, and I actually caught one! Now, I'm the type of person who can't even catch a three foot diameter medicine ball even if you threw it directly at my head, but he tossed the pick right to me, it skittered across the stage and dropped directly into my outstretched hand! I am still amazed I caught that!

The crowd was really into the music both nights, I think the Saturday night crowd may have been a little rowdier. The best part of the whole two nights for me was at the end of the Friday show, they did their two song encore, then Joe said something like, "Hey, NYC - wanna get Wasted?" then the band launched into 'Wasted' - I can't even remember the last time I heard that song live, it had to be the eighties anyway. I went absolutely apeshit and was screaming and jumping up and down, singing along. "I been lying awake all night just thinking of YOU!" I screeched, pointing at Joe - he saw me and came over smiling, singing to me and my front row buddies. It was absolutely amazing! I wish they'd do that one more often!

After the show, we had a hell of a time getting the British flag back because security kept trying to kick us out (and why do they have to be such dick-tators anyway?) but my friend C. arranged for one of the roadies to bring it to her, he was going to get it signed by the band. We had to wait for an hour in the rain, but lo and behold, he actually appeared with the flag, signed by Joe!

Saturday night's show was just as good, they mixed up the set list a little, playing 'Action' and 'Stagefright' - I can't remember the last time I heard that one, either. The rest of the setlist was pretty much the same, no Wasted, though.

After the show, we went around to the side door to wait for the band to come out. They came out after a long wait, one by one, and signed some stuff, but Malvin was hustling them along.

So, I didn't get to meet Joe or anyone else, but I had a GREAT time overall - now I'm having Leppard withdrawal after seeing three great shows in a week! Until the next time.. and there will be a next time.. over and out!.