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Saturday, 13th July 2002

Sheffield, England - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Andylgr

It's a warm summers day and I'm sitting outside the pub enjoying a beer and I can hear the Leps soundchecking in the stadium with Now followed by Pour Some Sugar on Me. I'm certain Joe sounds live but seeing as its widely known that all the pop acts will mime I'm resigned to the Leps doing the same.... or will they?

In the Stadium I had to stand through 2 hours of some of the worst performances and music I have ever seen and heard. All the pop acts mimed as expected, so at best I was hoping for at least for Joe to be singing live. There was a good 10 minute wait after the pop boy/girl mime act prior to Def Leppard whilst roadies checked the equipment.

'Good evening Stoke, I gotta question for ya.....'

They were totally live and they were loud. They stormed through an excellent version of Let's Get Rocked before going straight in to one of the more well known tracks in the UK - Animal.

After Animal Joe pulled on an acoustic guitar for the new single Now. Live it sounded rawer and considering this was only its fourth airing it was very close to sounding exactly like the album version. A future live favourite. This track went down well, but then again it had been getting a lot of airplay in the weeks prior to the gig. A change of fortune for the Leps in the UK perhaps?

They then finished their short set with an amazing Pour Some Sugar On Me to remind everyone what the Leps are and were about.

Admittedly the mix wasn't up to the standard of a usual Leps show but the band seemed to enjoy themselves and they showed their experience by putting on a great show and easily the performance of the day. A sentiment echoed by the radio station both after the gig and also the days following it.

Considering the age of the majority of the crowd and the all pop bill they went down well and I'm sure a lot of them went home wondering who the fu*k were they.

It may have looked a bad idea on paper to play a gig like this with so many manufactured bands but the performance and subsequent airplay and publicity means this was definitely a winner.


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