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Friday, 20th December 2002

Council Bluffs, IA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Aprilks

If I could sum up the Council Bluffs show in one word, it would be energizing. After I saw the Universal Ampitheatre show, I thought, can it get any better? Well, I think so!! The pure energy that was exhibited at the show put a charge into the crowd (even those of us who were sitting further towards the back). My mom and I had the time of our lives, it was the best Christmas present we could have asked for.

The set of songs was phenomenal, the sound was extraordinary, and the lighting was sensational. We drove 3 1/2 hours from Topeka, KS for the show, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat (I'd drive 3 times the distance for it). I'm still feeling a rush from the show, and I can't wait until they return to the U.S. to see them again. Again, thanks to the band for a wonderful show, keep rockin, and we hope to see you again real soon!.

Fan Review - By Btpage

I had front row tickets to this concert and what a show! From the setlists it appears that we received a unique show from the others as the High 'N' Dry set was mixed with the Ring of Fire set minus Ring of Fire of course. I can tell you the set went over very well with the audience. The setlist wasn't the only thing unique about this concert. Since the concert wasn't promoted well at all in the local area almost everybody there was a die hard fan. This meant everyone was really into it, and also the new songs from X got a great reception. Four Letter Word probably got the biggest ovation of the new songs.

The only negative of the concert was when Joe Elliott fell after high fiving the group I was with (except for me darn it!). He stepped in a hole between amps and went down pretty hard. However, you know Def Leppard, he just got up and went on with the show.

The Encore could have used one more song to keep the crowd fired up, but it was a bit anti-climactic as it was. More disappointing was the security people immediately forcing people to leave so there was no chance of getting left over picks set lists etc.

Overall this was the best I've seen Def Leppard in a long time, and most importantly they looked like they were having FUN up there. Constant smiles and jokes, and talking to each other pointing things out in the crowd and laughing made it evident how much they enjoyed it. No wonder the crowd was into it.


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