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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Crookes Workingmen's Club, Mulehouse Road, Sheffield, ENGLAND  England.

Tuesday, 5th June 1979

Show Notes

The first show by the band at this local venue located very near to Joe and Sav's childhood homes.

The only confirmed performance of 'Beyond The Temple', a rare unreleased song along with 'Heat Street'. 'Good Morning Freedom' later became the B Side to the re-recorded 'Hello America' single in 1980. "Emerald" by Thin Lizzy is the first song Rick Allen played with the band at his rehearsal. The band did many covers in their early sets, also including UFO and Foreigner songs. The show was attended by journalist Geoff Barton and photographer Ross Halfin. Ross took pictures of Joe before the show near the train station and the area near Joe's house. These pics and ones from the show have now been featured in the 2011 photo book 'The Definitive Visual History'.

Pic Gallery.

  • Tour - Early Years
  • Fan Recorded - none yet
  • Venue Website - n/a
  • Area Map - Google
  • Last Played City - 2nd May 1979
  • Capacity - n/a
  • Attendance - n/a
  • Support Act - n/a